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Welcome to The Early Modern World, a history lifestyle blog. Here you will find content relating to all aspects of early modern history (1500-1800); teaching, heritage sites, book reviews, selected primary sources and more. I hope you enjoy the new look blog.

The Author


I’m Mrs JH a Mum (of fur and human babies) with a love for history (hmmm can you guess which period is my favourite?) I completed an MA History in 2012 and have recently taken steps to move into teaching history at high school. I am so very excited! I am compiling a separate site to run alongside the blog which is specific to teaching, but it still very much in the construction stage. It may take me a while to set it up properly, meanwhile I do have a teaching area on my blog (see here). However my main priority at the moment is to continue having fun creating new blog content.

I have made a concerted effort in 2019 to do more reading, if you’re interested this is what I’m perusing at the moment.



updated 15/7/19